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Our company established in 1985 based on table and chair production with the name of Massan Metallic Furniture. Afterwards, Massan has improved itself by following technological innovations and needs of the market, extended the product range according to offers and demands of the market. Especially producing the metal cases, racks and dollies which are needed for the production and logistic phases of automotive sector. Shortly, Massan has proved itself on field of industrial transportation vehicles. As necessity of its own area of expertise, Massan Metallic Furniture has merged the approach of visual quality with product quality. By this means, Massan has produced ergonomically and visually appreciated products on the field of industrial transportation vehicles. In this manner, Massan has proved itself by producing many metal products right along with table and chair production and surpassed its own purpose of establishment. During its 30th year of establishment, Massan continues to its way with experienced and specialized staff, a compromising on quality, productive and broad visioned mentality. Massan?s target customers are the leaders of their own field, also with same vision and keep the quality on front. Our company follows the improving technological trends, researches newest and best ways for perfect production. We proudly serve by merging this approach of ours and the customer pleasure.
Since 1975, when E.N Dogru Machinery was founded, we continue to produce parts for the automotive industry. Today, with a wide range of production, we are specialized in the design and production of parts used especially in the automotive, machinery, furniture and construction industries and we offer corporate solutions to corporate customers. We are realizing the closed area of 3.500 m2 in Bursa in Barakfaki Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Bursa with our experienced, expert personnel and the latest technological machinery parkings, which have been producing the parts needed by the sector for years.
we are in bussines life since 2009. in that time we are making eps (styropor ) products.We have allready 2.000 tons production capacity on our factory per year. In the same time it's oparated by Tiritoglu Comparates
JETPAK was established in 2010 and operates in plastic packaging sector. Accepting quality and customer satisfaction as a prerequisite, it meets the packaging needs of meat and dairy products, jam, tahini, molasses, marmalade, butter, canned food, tomato paste, pickles, olives and frozen food sectors. paint, building chemicals, detergent, cosmetic, seed and pesticide etc. also provides packaging services to sectors. Our mission is to provide quality products and services that are continuously developed with new ideas to the expectations and needs of our customers. Our vision is to provide fast solutions and services at universal quality standards as a symbol of trust, continuity and dignity for our country and customers.
Our Company “Dogaplast Geri Donusum Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. (Dogaplast Recycling Industry and Trade Ltd ) has been successfully carried out within the framework of waste collection rules and In accordance with the Packaging Waste Control Regulation the container system and has gained a favorable reputation among its customers. The Solid wastes that we have gained in the country’s economy are safely collected and transported to our recycling facilities with great sacrifice by our company “Dogaplast Geri Donusum Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. (Dogaplast Recycling Industry and Trade Ltd ). Our company is also engaged in buying and selling of scrap paper, scrap cardboard-box-corrugated cardboard, scrap plastic, scrap material, scrap waste while continuing its activities with buying and selling scrap in Eskisehir, Mersin and other countries.
Our company, which has been following all the innovations in the construction world since the day it was founded in 1998 and continuing to work strongly to reach its customers, makes life easier for you esteemed customers and saves time. Among the main futures of our company there are providing superior customer service, continuing its innovative services, maintaining its strong and reliable company position, increasing and expanding the variety of products and services, providing innovative services which are golden rules such as developing and strengthening distribution channels and expanding the customer network day by day.